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No one is you & that is your superpower 💕

I hope you’re doing okay at the moment, I know everything feels heavy and we all feel a little unsteady on our feet. That’s okay, sometimes we just need to keep putting one in front of the other.

I was listening to Delia Smith on Elizabeth Day’s podcast this week and she was talking about what a miracle we are. How incredible is it that in all the years of humans existing and all the millions of us there have been, we are ALL different.

I loved it and it got me thinking…it can feel hard to believe we can make a difference when we feel our impact is so small and we feel like everyone else is doing it already (and probably doing it better than us). There is so much information out there about everyone and everything and what they’re all achieving, it’s easy to feel like we maybe shouldn’t even bother trying.

But there are two problems with that. The thing is, no-one exists with the very same blend of ‘you’ ness as you. No one shares your unique mix of skills, ideas, personality, story and gift. No one. Not one person. In addition, we all know that it’s the many many little things we all do that add up to the big things, so it’s ALWAYS worth doing our bit, no matter how small it feels.

If you don’t trust in yourself, if you don’t share your gifts and your ideas, and do the things that scare you a bit but your heart keeps nudging you to do, how sad it will be that the world will miss out on the magic that only you can bring. We all need that magic, we all need YOU.

Just something to think about on a quiet Saturday morning ❤️.

In the bakery this week…

LOVED baking these biscuits for a special order this week – we’ve always made shaped and themed biscuits for bespoke orders, but they’re not part of our core range and I sometimes wonder if people know it’s something we can (and love to) create.

So if you’ve got an occasion coming up and have some ideas of how biscuits might be a lovely, fun addition and a good talking point…please do get in touch.

I’ve also been in sorting mode this week as we took on an adjoining room to the bakery at the beginning of the month so we’ve been moving all our office / admin / packaging into the new space and trying to get it all organised.

It’s giving us lots more space in the bakery itself, and room for somewhere for the team to go to put their feet up for a cuppa during a busy day.

Of course, I’m me, so I’m having a little wobble about it, as its doubling our space and so also the rent we pay! But as Marlen my VA says, ‘the scary things are usually the most exciting things too’. So i’m concentrating my energy on thinking up all the new things we can do now we have more space – Biscuit decorating workshops maybe?

Right, I’m off for a little run by the water before heading off to Yoga training, it’s like a mini retreat each month and I love it. Take it easy this weekend and go slow if you can.

With love




This week I’m...

Listening to... Mitch Albom's Podcast, Tuesday People. Mitch's books have always been right up there on my favourite books of all time lists and I've recently discovered his podcast - it's great. He also has a new novel out 'The stranger in the lifeboat'. I think it's going to be a really beautiful story about love, and hope and kindness and I'm really looking forward to reading it.

Cooking..... My Peanut Butter obsession continues and for yoga weekend, I've made a deeeelicious sweet potato, spinach and peanut butter curry from a friend's recommendation and a recipe from Delicious magazine - it is SO good and a perfect fuel for yoga-ing and studying this weekend.

Reading....Edith Egars book The Choice. I heard her talk on a podcast and bought her book a little while ago. Given the horrendous and heartbreaking things going on in the world at the moment, Edith's story about surviving Auschwitz and what it taught her about survival and freedom, somehow gives me hope for all the people who's lives are being torn apart.